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Unique pieces, natural and recyclable

Vange is a Belgian supplier of contemporary furniture that believes in « continuous design » . Within the brand, young designers must reject any ideas of creating an extended range of products.
As a result, each item reflects the original concept of the designer.
While this approach towards mass produced furniture is prolonged and expensive, Vange provides opportunities for young designers to adopt this experimental approach.
The driving force behind the brand is its innovation, and its strength is quality.

Vange is also an ecologically responsible company that for over five years has organised the recycling and sorting of particular waste materials (glass, paper, aluminium. . ) and fully recognises the importance environmental problems :
-offcuts of melamine, laminate, chipboard, mdf. . . are collected in a container ad hoc, sawdust and wood shavings are kept in another container.
-oil drums are buried and monitored for leakage.
-an environmental management advisor is responsible for the acquisition of currently available certification and to work towards further achievement in the future.
-a study to explore the possibility of installing around 10 000 m2 of solar roof panels is underway .

Their wood is currently awaiting FSC accreditation, the aluminium is 100% recyclable and their suppliers are required to uphold strict environmental standards.


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