What better place to use natural, sustainable materials than in your garden? Eco friendly garden furniture and accessories work very well with any outdoor space, from rock gardens to traditional cottage gardens. Different materials can add texture and colours allow you to either blend in or add some contrast.


Rather than using hardwood, to the detriment of our rain forests, use sustainably grown wood. FSC or PEFC certification for example means you can be sure that the wood comes from forests that have been managed in an environmentally friendly way. As long as you use the right products to maintain them, they can have an extremely long life. In our garden we have a set of FSC certified wooden garden furniture that has lasted 8 years and is in excellent condition.


Using drift wood in your garden can add an extra dimension. The smooth, contoured lines work really well with the organic shapes of your garden. If you have something made with tougher materials like metal, it gives an extra edge. On our site and in these images are some examples of drift wood and steel furniture that can be used indoors or outdoors and is available in 18 different colours.


Lanterns or other accessories like glass plates for outdoor dining look beautiful in natural light or can light up a space beautifully on a warm evening. Using materials from recycled glass means that there is even less landfill. Glass is a very natural and recyclable material available of course in many beautiful colours.


Tyres may not spring to mind as an environmentally friendly material, but upcycling them into useful products reduces landfill. Tyres are designed to be very sturdy and waterproof, so they are excellent as a material for plant pots or other garden accessories. 


If you want your furniture and accessories to blend in, then of course going for nice neutral tones like plain wood work well. Sometimes adding a bit of contrast makes for a much more interesting garden. In my sister's garden, one of the walls is painted bright blue, which really livens it up. Having cushions or other accents that add colour can pout a bit of zing into your outdoor space, especially in those months where maybe you don't have an abundance of flowers. This colourful Toi et Moi bench for example can be a real focal point in your garden.

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