Modular storage or book case O-TECH PM (various colours) by Carton Styl

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Manufacturer: Carton Styl

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The Carton Styl' furniture are made from 100 % recycled paper and are 100 % recyclable. The coating (a recycled material consisting of reconstituted wood fibres) is applied to each piece bringing an added element of strength to the designs. The paints are water based and are washable. Tests are currently in place for the use of eco-friendly branded paint.

£ 102.00

Adjustable to your preference, the O-TECH storage unit allows you a wide range of different combinations. Different heights, different widths, a repetition of elements, a seat, a table, a bookcase... We love the multitude of possibilities of this highly functional piece and its natural style. The natural model, comes delivered in 6 easy to assemble pieces. Colour models arrive assembled on delivery. For product care and maintenance washable paints have been used.

Weight : 6 kg
Colour : various
Designer : Loic Duhoux
Manufactured in : France
Made from : cardboard
Recyclable We
20. Small size : H. 35cm, L. 95cm, P. 35cm
22. Medium size : H. 45cm, L. 95cm, P. 35cm
Made in Europe On

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