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The Woody wood rug was made in a cradle to cradle factory, so it is made of sustainable materials. A cradle to cradle factory produces products with the raw materials of old and used products or make new products out of old products. In this case the carpet is made of recycled polyamide.

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The WOODY wood rug is made of a sustainable material, in a so called cradle to cradle factory. This means that they re-use products to create new ones or use some of the raw materials of the old product. The edges of the WOODY WOOD rug are carved, burned and fixed and the rug is designed to last many years. This designer carpet is available in three different sizes: 1.00m, 1.95m, or 3m. The delivery time of the WOODY wood rug of 3 diameter can be up to 3 months, because of the production time.

Designer : Yvette Laduk
Manufactured in : The Netherlands
Made from : Polyamide
Recycled YES
Recyclable We
20. Small size : 1.00 diameter
22. Medium size : 1.95 diameter
24. Large size : 3.00 diameter
Made in Europe On

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