FFP2 Filtering disposable mask

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Filtering disposable FFP2 mask with activated carbon filtration layer and expiration valve

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If you are looking for a mask to protect against droplet-borne infections, the surgical and cloth masks commonly sold will do little to protect you.  Respirator masks are designed to filter out droplets on the way in, whereas surgical masks are primarily intended to catch droplets as they are exhaled.
These FFP2 masks are commonly used in situations where good filtration of droplets is required - for example paint workshops, or quarries.  This makes FFP-rated masks much more suitable to use in the Covid-19 pandemic.   They are tested to EN and CE standards, unlike the commonly available KN95 or N95 masks, which demands that at least 94% of virus-size particles are filtered out.
We have two types, both sold in packs of ten.  The folding filtering disposable mask with activated carbon filtration layer and expiration valve is flat-packed, and ideal for keeping in a pocket or handbag.  The polypropolene multi-layer material includes a layer of activated carbon for filtration.
The shell-shape mask also features an expiration valve, which facilitates easy breathing and speaking, and a contour-fit shape to create a good seal to the wearer's face.
Both masks have an adjustable behind-the-head strap, which gives greater security and a better fit than those which loop over the ears.  They also feature an aluminium and plastic nose clip, again improving fit and security.
Condition is New, with each folded mask packaged individually within a box of 10.  The shell masks are packaged in one bag of 10 in an outer box.

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