Linen duvet cover NOLITA (various colours and sizes) by Bed and Philosophy

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Manufacturer: Bed and Philosophy

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Made from French linen and crafted in Portugal, the Bed and philosophy bed linen is a great eco-friendly creation.
The dyes are not vegetable based, to ensure a lasting colour and quality; However, the workshop performing the dying was chosen for its concern and respect for the environment (recycling of waste water, etc . . . )

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Bed linen for the whole family combining style, care for the environment and well-being! The hypoallergenic linen, which is organic, thermoregulatory and soft to the touch considerably improves the quality of sleep. The refined colour combinations for the sheets and duvet covers are truly refreshing! It's in its nature that this fabric will crease. Care instructions: Wash separately at 40° then tumble-dry to restore its shape. Details: Embroidered logo in matching tones on the top right hand corner. Duvet cover with pockets for your feet, a clever way of keeping your feet warm in the middle of the night!

Designer : Sonia Provost
Manufactured in : France
Material : linen
Natural We

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