Bed linen set SELLIER (various colours and sizes) by Via Notti

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The cultivation of organic cotton uses less water and requires no additional pesticides or chemical fertilizers .

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Refined, stylish and embellished with distinctive hand stitched embroidery, the SELLIER bed linen set is a top of the range high quality item. Made from organic combed cotton percale, 200 threads, it is wonderfully soft to touch. An invitation to sweet dreams. . This bed linen set comprises a duvet cover and a matching pillow case. It is supplied in a beautifully embroidered cotton bag. Washing instructions: the items have labels showing their composition and washing advice. The label advises washing at 40 degrees. In practice, bed linen can be safely washed at up to 90 degrees. Whereas in the past we always used a hot wash for cotton, the quality of modern day washing machines and washing powders has greatly improved. We can now get equally good results from washing cotton at 40 degrees, as well as prolonging the life of the cotton fibres. This is why, for lightly soiled linen, we recommend washing at 40 degrees. Ironing: for best results iron cotton percale when slightly damp with a medium iron.

Weight : 1.4
Manufactured in : Morocco
Material : organic cotton
Natural We
00. Exclusively to Darwins Home We
Pillowcase(s) 50x75 cm

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