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All pieces chosen from the Tadé range are recyclable and/or made from recycled materials.

Tadé Pays du Levant was born after a meeting of minds : that of Thaddée de Slizewicz, a geographer passionate about history, with the Middle East, birthplace of humanity and the crossroads of civilisations.

This earth brings us a mythical soap : the Pain d'Alep. Enchanted by the art of bathing in the Orient, he developed along with Tadé Pays du Levant, a range of objects and cosmetics. The latter draws its inspiration from the warmth of the Turkish bath and the know-how of the local craftsmen.

Their production methods are inherited from the distant past, in the nobility and quality of the ingredients. Darwin's Home selected for you their designs made from recycled tyres and baskets made from zinc which is infinitely recyclable. Pure collections for a responsible and durable interior. 



Manufacturer: Tadé - Pays du Levant

£ 25.00

Manufacturer: Tadé - Pays du Levant

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Manufacturer: Tadé - Pays du Levant

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Manufacturer: Tadé - Pays du Levant

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Manufacturer: Tadé - Pays du Levant

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