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Darwin's Home offers you a timeless selection of fabrics and soft furnishings for the home with great eco credentials that will also add style. All cushions, covers, bed linen, towels, blankets and carpets offered here are made from healthy and eco friendly materials : linen, organic cotton, virgin wool and recycled textile fibres.


Bathroom towels
Bath towels in organic cotton made in Europe and bathmats made from recycled materials for an environmentally friendly home
Bed linen
Bed linen for children and adults, in organic cotton or linen: environmentally friendly and stylish
Tea towels
A range of tea towels that will not only look good, but is also sustainably made.
Darwin's Home offers a selection of rugs from completely natural or recycled materials
Cushions & blankets
See our large range of wonderful cushions and blankets made of linen, felt, wool or nettle. From abstract patterns and shapes to more natural, take your pick!
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Manufacturer: Vianatece

£ 35.00

Manufacturer: Green Conscience

£ 25.00

Manufacturer: Non Jetable

£ 64.00

Manufacturer: Nkuku

£ 50.00

Manufacturer:  Mademoiselle Dimanche

£ 60.00

Manufacturer: Lina Forlino 

£ 68.00
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